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Talc powder for the plastic and extrusion industry is an excellent filler due to its blending characteristics, thermal and electrical resistance. Moreover, talcum powder for the plastic filler is chemically inert and provides a smooth feel to the plastic surface.

Talc is used in many automotive plastics throughout the vehicle, as well as household goods. When added to polypropylene, talc gives the compound a stronger stiffness and higher dimensional stability. When used in food packaging applications, talc is a great choice for a reinforcing filler.

Talc powder has good insulation for electricity and heat, low expansion and contraction force, high dispersibility, strong hiding power, good oil absorption and hydrophobicity, large slipperiness, small friction coefficient, stable chemical properties, acid and alkali corrosion resistance.

In the plastic industry, Talc is widely used by masterbatch manufacturer to produce filler masterbatch. As a high-content ingredient in plastic fillers, talc will increase the hardness of several base resins such as polypropylene, vinyl, plastic, nylon and polyester. Moreover, it can also function as an anti-stick agent, antifreeze, lubricant, smoothing agent, etc.

Talc Filler masterbatch is composed of talc powder, base resin and supportive additives. It is considered as the perfect filler for plastic that help masterbatch manufacturer improving productivity while reducing production costs. Plastic masterbatch containing talc powder can be used to replace a part of primary plastic (the input material for plastic-based products manufacturing). This is a smart solution aiming at saving raw materials while limiting the amount of crude oil – resources are gradually exhausted, in plastic production. Another great effect is that the talc filler will greatly improve the plastic properties, helping the plastic output products have higher value in the consumer market.With outstanding advantages in the following features, talc filler masterbatch brings positive results for the plastic industry, especially the masterbatch sector. Their advanced functions include:








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